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Photography has always been present in the artist's life, from her work as a journalist, with photojournalism and audiovisual, to the arts.
In the field of arts, Bya makes use of photography exploring some of the alternative historical processes such as antotype, cyanotype, boiled film, solargraphy and dark room.
Within contemporary art, with digital cameras, the artist works from multiple exposure techniques, photo-painting and photography with special devices, such as scanning microscope and stereomicroscope, in her artistic research.
Also, digital images are important for visual/sound works, as in the transcoding of binary data from digital images into sound.

Special Instruments

Analog/Historical Processes

Multiple Exposure



Here are some canvas and watercolor paintings from the artist's personal collection.

These works have a personal meaning for the artist, as it was her first contact with visual arts in childhood.

The colors shaped by the fluid watercolor paints or the denser textures of oil paint, sometimes found in art magazines, instigated the artist to reread some works, and encouraged her to create her own paintings.

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