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 Bibiana da Silva de Paula, or, Bya de Paula,  is a visual/sound artist born in Porto Alegre, RS / Brazil and currently lives and works in Konstanz, Baden-Württemberg / Germany.

She has a master's degree in Communication Sciences from Unisinos University, a Specialization in Visual Poetics from Feevale University, and a Bachelor's degree in Journalism from Pelotas Federal University. Hers artist/researcher is in the intersection between the fields of Communication, Art and Technology, currently focusing on the exploration of sound archeological media materialities, technological gambiarras and imaginary media, 

Bya de Paula's research and artistic practice develops at the intersection between the fields of Art and Technology in which it focuses on the atmosphere of a speculative technical and poetic laboratory. Initially, this lab focused on the intersection between sound and image from obsolete media devices. Currently, following her master's research, her laboratory focuses more deeply on the field of Media Archeology where she explores the geophysical/mineral properties of the components of these media. The experiments carried out in this context involve electronics and gambiarras (Brazilian hardware hacking), expanding to various artistic forms, such as printed art, video, microscopic photography and installations.

Thus, in addition to proposing new forms of existence for obsolete media, Bya's research also introduces the idea of "geological listening", a conceptual and poetic approach dedicated to "listening" to these media-archaeological materialities in an expanded way.

This form of listening seeks to obtain deeper access to the temporalities of obsolete media that persist in our contemporary times, offering a critical reflection on our historical, technological and social time.

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