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Sound Experimentation

Polvö is an artistic collective that carries out electroacoustic sound experimentation and sometimes mixes elements of post-rock, ambient music, drone, and noise in its compositions.
The collective is composed by:

Bya de Paula - drums, sound capture and synthesizers
Eduardo Luersen - guitar, synthesizers, production
Lauro Quadrado - bass and synthesizers

2 (1ss)_achatado_72dpi.jpg
listen to the EP here

EP Albedo​/​Kryotechnik  

listen to EP  here

Single Rubedo
listen here

Single Sol e Vinho
listen here

Single Estocolmo
listen here 

Single Small Pieces of Cruel Mirrors
listen here

K'harut mixes traditional metal elements with other places imagined by its members, exploring a heavy and atmospheric sound, with textures and accents of other shades.

Currently, the band is releasing its first single, while working  on 6 other individual tracks, each crafting its own future fiction about the relationship between technology, humans, and the environment.

Formed by:

Arthur Arnt - bass

Bya de Paula - drums

Eduardo Luersen - guitar

Luca Igansi - Guitar

Single Vultures to Feed
Listen here

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