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Exhibitions and Festivals

2023 -  Solo exhibition,; Programmed Obsolescence (Monotype and installations) - Casa das Artes Gallery - Department of Culture (SECULT),  Novo Hamburgo

2022 - solo exhibition ,; Magnetic Interferences - (photography, in situ installation, sound installation, monotypes) Espaço Cultural Albano Hartz/ Secult - Novo Hamburgo

2020 - solo exhibition ,; Programmed Obsolescence (Monotype and installation) - Goethe Institut Porto Alegre
2019 - solo exhibition ,; Sound Materialities

(Sound installation, photography, monotype and video art) - Kiosque da Cultura/Secult Gravataí

2018 - solo exhibition , Some Urban Poetics  (Photography) - Kiosk da Cultura/Secult Gravataí

2018 - solo exhibition ,; Effigies -

(Photography, installation and video art) - Pinacoteca Feevale

2018 < Individual exhibition , Ifsul/RS Campus Restinga Film Festival (documentary)

2017 , Individual Exhibition , Film Festival Pelotas Heritage Day - (documentary) Secult - Pelotas

2016 , Individual Exhibition ,; Santander Cultural Porto Alegre Film Festival (documentary)

Group exhibitions:

Digital Art Biennale Leise-Park and Transmidiale (photography and sound art) -  Berlin, 2024

Sob[re]olhar do Feminino Artistas Mulheres- Acervo do Prêmio Dana de Artes Visuais. Gravataí, 2024

The WrongBiennale - Spain   (sound art, video), 2021/2022

Curitiba International Biennial(video art), 2021
Homeostasis Lab – digital exhibition, 2021

Noemata Biennial – Norway (photo), 2021
Noemata Spring – Winter Collections, Norway (sound art, microscopic photography), 2020
One-Off Festival Moving Image Festival – Spain, Denmark (video art), 2020

Festivaudec4nn35 - (video art), 2020
Tiradentes Photography Festival (photography), 2020

Festival Brasilia fotoshow (2020, 2019, 2018)
International Sonora Festival (sound art) (Agulha Eventos – Porto Alegre, 2018)
Exhibition Notebook, (handmade photography) (Espaço Arte Dois Feevale, 2018)
Flame! Video Art Exhibition, Lygia Clark (video art) (Federal University of Pelotas-RS, 2018)
Exhibition Fresta de Audiovisual Furg  3rd Edition (video art) – Rio Grande- Rio Grande do Sul (2018)
Exhibition In Processes, (artist's book)  (Espaço Arte Um Feevale, 2018)
International exhibition (Des) Fronteiras, (photo series) (Espaço Cultural Feevale, 2017)
Artist Book (Espaço Arte Um, 2017)
Disassembly Project, (video art)  (Pinacoteca Feevale, 2017)
Exhibition Doses of Art, (printed art) (Imigrante Museum of Bento Gonçalves-RS, 2017)
Exhibition Transgressions of Pandora (video art) (Federal University of Pelotas-RS, 2017)

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